Getting Your Kicks Off Route 66: Sex Fest 2

This review is for mature audiences only: While the review is relatively safe for work, the production is not. The Geeks of the New England Theatre Geek are all adults. We sometimes review productions with “adult themes*”. The title of the production is a clear indicator of both the subject matter and performance content. If this is not something for you, please help yourself to another review.

You have been warned.

*Although why they are described that way is beyond me. Being over the age of 18 is no clear indication of adulthood.

Presented by Heart & Dagger Productions

Sex Fest II”

  • “Safeword: Fuck You, Master” – Original short plays by some of Boston’s most popular provocateurs, an evening titillating and thought-provoking examinations of one of our favorite and most anxiety-ridden activities.  Sex.
  • “Jesus” – A strange and haunting performance art piece featuring all the awful things an audience can imagine and ending with a prayer.

The Factory Theatre
791 Tremont Street
Boston, MA
Heart & Dagger on Facebook

May 30 – June 14, 2014
“Jesus” Friday, May 30, 8:00pm
“Safeword” Saturday, May 31, 4:00 and 8:00pm
“Safeword” Sunday, June 1, 4:30pm
“Jesus” Wednesday, June 4, 7:30pm
“Jesus” Thursday, June 5, 7:30pm
“Jesus” Friday, June 6, 8pm
“Safeword” Saturday, June 7, 4:00 and 8:00pm
“Safeword” Sunday, June 8, 4:00pm
“Jesus” Wednesday, June 11, 7:30pm
“Safeword” Thursday, June 12, 8:00pm
“Jesus” Friday, June 13, 8pm
“Safeword” Saturday, June 14, 4:00pm
“Jesus” Saturday, June 14, 8:00pm

Trigger Warnings: explicit, adult material.

(Boston) For something that most humans want and aspire to, sex is a loaded topic. Our notions on sexual congress and all activity surrounding it are f#cked up on a grand scale. Some men think they are owed it. Some women believe they are dirty for thinking about it. The Govt. wants to monitor all womb traffic but thinks that HMO sponsored male potency drugs are a dandy idea*. It’s important to discuss it well and frequently but a large percent of western society won’t and we are suffering.

Sex Fest, a festival of plays about sex produced by Heart & Dagger asks its audience to push their boundaries and consider alternatives to what the individual considers “normal.” The short plays of Sex Fest II: Fuck You, Master focus on the intimate, sometimes sexual relationships of its characters. It is grassroots sex activism through theatre.

The intention of Fuck You, Master is to educate and titillate. The execution of these plays did not always match the intention. There are some plays that are very funny, dramatically efficient and poignant. There are also plays that needed extra editing, rehearsing and overall theatrical buffing. It’s a mixed bag. I spent the majority of my afternoon laughing my ass off but I greatly enjoy awkward humor and realize that it isn’t for everyone. Admirers of Bro humor, awkward interactions, the fantastical, and naked play will enjoy themselves. Others will not.

The atmosphere in the theatre, as mature conversations about sexual congress should be, is casual. The actors joined the audience to watch the performances. This shouldn’t detract from the performance unless you’re an arrogant snob.

Lastly, I am happy to report that the sexual activity in the shows I watched was all consensual. While important to discuss on its own merit, rape is never sex. This festival is about sex. Consent isn’t sexy; it is mandatory.

*If it’s God’s will that a gal be pregnant, isn’t it also God’s will that a dude be impotent?

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