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We, the Geeks at the New England Theatre Geek, pledge to be an organization that celebrates diversity and inclusion through arts journalism. We are dedicated to supporting our Arts Community regardless of the dark times to come. NETG pledges to use its space to promote loving tolerance, and to shun hate in all its forms. The New England Theatre Geek will keep sacred the ideals of compassionate criticism, upright moral standards, and resistance to oppressive thought control. You are welcome here.

Our Mission:
The New England Theatre Geek is a pro-theatre, intellectual theatre blog that features critiques and articles to excite and educate the audiences. Critiques and reviews are curated with respect to the genre and style to the production featured. Our arts journalism is provided with the intent of developing audience interest in attending theatre events as well as inspiring better understanding of the theatre arts. In so doing, it is our goal to respect the artists as well as the art. In this economy, all audience members are looking for quality and value, and we want them to feel comfortable with expensive ticket purchases. In addition, we do not want one production to prevent a theatre from developing repeat business.

Ms. Kitty with a black cat.

Twitter: @netheatregeek
Instagram: @newengland_theatregeek

BM, Vocal Performance 2003, Boston Conservatory.
MM, Vocal Studies 2008, The University of York.
ALM, Journalism, Harvard Extension School, 2019 – Current.

Kitty is a disabled, queer performing artist and critic living with Brachial Plexus Palsy. Mrs. Drexel lives in the People’s Republic of Camberville with her brilliant wife and their void cat, Twyla Tharp.

Mrs. Drexel is a voting Board Member and Executive Committee member of the American Theatre Critics Association and a voting member of the Boston Theater Critics’ Association nominating committee. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Mrs. Drexel mentors the next generation of critics with The Front Porch Arts Collective’s Young Critics Program.

Mrs. Drexel has articles published with HowlRound, The New England Theatre Journal, and Everything Sondheim. She completed Arts Connect International‘s Cultural Equity Learning Community (CELC) training in February 2024. She is pursuing a master’s in journalism at Harvard Extension School.

GILLIAN DANIELS, Geek Staff Writer
Instagram: gillianlynndaniels

Since attending the 2011 Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop, Gillian Daniels’ poetry and short fiction have appeared in numerous publications. She was born in Des Moines, Iowa, grew up in Greater Cleveland, Ohio, and she now writes, works, and watches theater throughout the Boston area. She definitely wants to see pictures of your cat.

NOE KAMELAMELA, Geek Staff Writer

Noe is an avid reader who appreciates theatre. Noe can often be found chasing her cat, her wife, or her sanity around the Boston area while writing reviews in her head. Noe now has one bachelor’s from MIT, and two master’s degrees: one from Tufts, another from Harvard Extension School. We are very proud.

DIANA LU, Geek Staff Writer

Diana Lu, who is not a bridge troll, is a writer and comedian currently based in the Greater Boston area. Though not a bridge troll, they are a lifelong literature, theatre, and music enthusiast. Diana would like you to know that under no circumstances should anyone think that Diana is, has ever been, or ever will be an actual bridge troll. When not writing or performing, they spend their free time staring at their collection of whispering rocks and shiny shiny coins along the Charles River, on the underside of the Anderson Footbridge.

AFRIKAH SMITH, Geek Staff Writer
Instagram: @afrikahsmith

Afrikah is a recent graduate of UMass Amherst and a lover of terrible puns, dad jokes, cats, and all things comfort. When not working on a theater show, you can often find them gushing over podcasts, wholesome memes, plants, and astrology at your local coffee shop.

(she/her & they/their)

Maegan Clearwood (she/they) is a writer and dramaturg, with publishing credits at The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Howlround, and Everything Sondheim, among others. They can otherwise be found reading tarot, practicing martial arts, and watching trash murder mystery television. MFA, UMass Amherst, graduate certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies. maeganclearwood.com


Please Note: Reviewers receive free tickets to performances in exchange for a review. We do not allow this exchange to temper the tone of the review. The contents of a review are the opinions of the reviewer and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire New England Theatre Geek staff. For more information or concerns, please contact the Queen Geek at blognetheatregeek at gmail dot com.

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