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New England Theatre Geek’s Reviewing and Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment Policies

Please note that our policies are subject to change.

Reviewing Policy
[Updated 7/12/18]

The New England Theatre Geeks receive free tickets to professional, fringe, and community theatre productions in exchange for our work as arts journalists. It is our intent to provide an unbiased review and we are under no obligation to make positive statements. There are times when tickets are not made available to the Press. If these are shows NETG readers want to know about, a Geek will purchase a ticket with their own funds. Sometimes a Geek will write a review for a production outside of New England. The review is written at the discretion of the Geek, and in the interest of the New England-area Arts Community.

The New England Theatre Geek offers constructive criticism in exchange only for free tickets to theatre, dance, music or concert productions. NETG and its staff does not accept gifts of any other kind in return for reviews, critiques or op-eds. Other types of compensation will be returned to the gifting organization, and the professional relationship between NETG and the organization will be reexamined. This policy does not apply to third party ticket giveaways or other promotions.

There are members of the NETG staff that are actively involved in New England-area theatre as cast, crew, and staff members. If a non-Geek entity wishes to have a review written for a production and a Geek is involved, the resulting review will not discuss any element that involves the participating Geek. In order to ensure as much objectivity and integrity of participating Geeks as possible, this principle applies to most aspects of a production.

If two or more Geeks are involved in the same production, that production will not be reviewed. Again, this is to ensure objectivity and journalistic integrity. The Geeks will, however, be happy to write previews, features, or post announcements about these productions.

Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy
[Updated 7/6/18]

The New England Theatre Geek (NETG) is an arts blog committed to maintaining a constructive and supportive environment for its readers and its staff. The following harassment policy is in support of our commitment for a more compassionate and respectful arts community. NETG may, from time to time, revise this policy at its discretion without notice:

No individual, whether a NETG employee, audience member, subject of a published critique, production crew or adjacent individual, should be subjected to any unwelcome conduct that is or should be known to be offensive because of gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, immigration status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and/or expression. This policy extends to interaction in person as well as all interactions online. NETG will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the actions of its employees are free from harassment. Should a harassment claim be made, NETG will take appropriate corrective action.

Employees of the NETG are held to a high standard of constructive criticism. Performance critiques, reviews, interviews or op eds will be limited to production elements and the theatre experience of a given performance. Articles written for NETG will disinclude reviews or critiques based on an individual’s gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, immigration status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and/or expression. This policy element may only be revoked on the occasion that an employee directly quotes an artist.

NETG employees are consultants that work directly with New England arts companies to create online journalism. The NETG expects that its colleagues and readers will extend the same respect to employees both online and in person. NETG will not tolerate harassment of any kind either on the New England Theatre Geek online blog, Facebook pages (including the Admiral Kittypants Facebook page), or in person. NETG is within its rights to revoke, suspend and/or permanently ban any person, company or entity from participating in some or all related activities, with or without expressed cause.

When alleged harassment is reported, NETG will investigate the incident at its own discretion. There will be no retaliation against an individual who has or reported harassment, or who has cooperated with any investigation of harassment. Those found guilty of misconduct will find their relationship with NETGsuspended.

Lastly, it is NETG policy to believe victims. Victims are invited to submit claims anonymously or otherwise to blognetheatregeek at gmail dot com. Actions to correct and prevent further misconduct will be performed at the discretion of the victim with input from NETG leadership.

As excerpted from the Chicago Theatre Standards website: “Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Inappropriate or insulting remarks, gestures, jokes, innuendos or taunting about a person’s racial or ethnic background, color, place of birth, citizenship, ancestry, creed, or disability;
  2. Unwanted questions or comments about an Artist’s private life;
  3. Posting or display of materials, articles, or graffiti, etc. which may cause humiliation, offence or
    embarrassment on prohibited grounds.
  4. Sexual Harassment:
    1. One or a series of comments or conduct of a gender-related or sexual nature that is known or ought reasonably be known to be unwelcome/unwanted, offensive, intimidating, hostile or inappropriate. Artists have the right to be free from:
      1. Sexual solicitation or advance made by a person in a position to confer, grant or deny a benefit or advancement;
      2. Reprisal or threat of reprisal for the rejection of a sexual solicitation or advance where
        the reprisal is made by a person in a position to grant, confer, or deny a benefit or advancement.
    2. Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to:
      1. Unwelcome remarks, jokes, innuendoes or taunting about a person’s body, attire,
        gender, or sexual orientation;
      2. Unwanted touching or any unwanted or inappropriate physical contact such as
        touching, kissing, patting, hugging or pinching;
      3. Unwelcome enquiries or comments about a person’s sex life or sexual preference;
      4. Leering, whistling, or other suggestive or insulting sounds;
      5. Inappropriate comments about clothing, physical characteristics or activities;
      6. Posting or display of materials, articles, or graffiti, etc. which is sexually oriented;
      7. Requests or demands for sexual favors which include, or strongly imply, promises of
        rewards for complying (e.g., job advancement opportunities, and/or threats of
        punishment for refusal (e.g., denial of job advancement or opportunities).

All or part of the above grounds may create a negative environment for individuals or groups. This may have the effect of “poisoning” the work environment. It should be noted that a person does not have to be a direct target to be adversely affected by a negative environment. It includes conduct or comment that creates and maintains an offensive, hostile, or intimidating climate.” From “Chicago Theatre Standards,” Dec. 11, 2017, pg 30 – 31.

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