Community Praise

Theatre Community Praise for the New England Theatre Geek

(in no particular order)

“We are incredibly fortunate to have New England Theatre Geek a part of the American Theatre Critics Association. Kitty is a passionate and thoughtful arts journalist, and I have been fortunate to have her advocacy and equity lens as part of our organization as a member of the executive committee. She is a thoughtful leader who exhibits great care for others, always using her platform to amplify terrific artists in her region. We look forward to many more years of her tireless, unwavering passion for the arts.”
– David John Chávez, Executive Chair, American Theatre Critics Association; A Drama Guy,; Bay Area Theatre Critic, The Mercury News

“New England Theater Geek has always been a supporter of local theatre, reviewing shows from a variety of companies with the care and compassion. Especially for fringe and new companies, NETG is an important platform for the growth and development of Boston theatre.”
– Blair Nodelman, artist, writer, theatre-maker, and activist

“You can’t find a more complete look at the current arts scene than
the New England Theater Geek.  They offer unique takes on the shows that everyone sees, as well as covering smaller shows that don’t get written about anywhere else.  Small theater producers who bemoan the lack of an adventurous theater audience in Boston should know that the Theater Geek is building one.”
-Carl Danielson, playwright

“At Flat Earth Theatre, we think what’s great about NE Theatre Geek is their commitment to promoting, seeing, and thoughtfully reviewing theater of all sizes. It really feels like small theater is their priority and we never have to argue why we should exist, or whether our art is valid, too. They support bold, risky theater that says something about our world. They don’t simply praise a polished but hollow show, they’re looking for something deeper.

“Reviews are fair, never harsh or sycophantic. They’re honest, well-written and are something we, as a company, look forward to reading for our own productions, as well as for other shows happening locally. Simply put, NE Theatre Geek is an invaluable resource to the Greater Boston arts community and we’re glad to have it.”
– A quote from the Company, Flat Earth Theatre Company,

“NETG reviews showcase not just the New England theater community, in all its diverse splendor, but also intellectual curiosity, love of the art form, commitment to equity, and deep integrity. ”
– Ginger Lazarus, playwright,

“The New England theatre scene is lucky to have such fierce and outspoken advocates as Queen Kitty and her geeks. They are not just critics but comrades in arms and arts!”
– Lauren Elias, Producing Artistic Director of Hub Theatre Company of Boston,

“The arts journalists of NE Theatre Geek treat the productions they review as works that exist in dialog with the important political, cultural, economic, and philosophical issues of our day. That orientation makes them a very valuable presence in the Greater Boston arts ecosystem, and also a consistently engaging read.

“With particular amplification of issues of race, gender ID, sexual ID, abilities of embodiment, and class, NETG interrogates our community’s art in productive and important ways— their reviews go beyond plot summary and the cataloging of their likes and dislikes, and consequently represent true cultural work of the sort we need. Often, too, their reviews contain some pretty good jokes.”
– Daniel Boudreau, Praxis Stage,

“New England Theatre Geek is a valuable part of the Boston cultural scene. There are few outlets here that reach out to cover so much. They review work from the largest to the smallest companies, giving readers a broad sense of the artistic richness here in Greater Boston, and really across New England. They play a crucial role in the cultural health of our community. I’m truly grateful for them. Thank god for independent criticism. Thank you NE Theatre Geek!”
– Jason Slavick, Artistic Director of Liars & Believers,

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