Mommy Needs a Long Drink and a Stiff Cigarette: MASCULINITEASE

Produced, presented, performed and by the men of Sirlesque

June 1 and 5, 2014 @ CLUB OBERON (only one night left!)
Doors @ 7:30, Show @ 8
2 Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA
Sirlesque on Facebook

Review by Kitty Drexel

Trigger warning for sexy man parts.

“The future is here and it is dicks all the time.”
– Mehran Khaghani, emcee

(Cambridge) Oh my sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph, go see Sirlesque’s Masculinitease! Don’t ask questions, just go. Fasten your seatbelts, babies, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

There is a massive burlesque community in the Boston-area. Most of it is blissfully dominated by female identifying performers. The LGBTQIA community appreciates them and they appreciate us. It’s a healthy symbiotic relationship between ladies, men and everyone else on the spectrum and the dancing ladies they love. Enter: Sirlesque, a troupe of dude burlesque dancers bringing the noise, the funk and intense satisfaction to the dude-loving community. I didn’t know there was a hole until they filled it. Gentlemen, please keep filling our hole.

Masculinitease is a two-hour tour de force of delicious male objectification. It has everything you’d expect from male erotic dancing (men in uniforms quickly coming out of them, 007 double entendre, an office orgy, etc.) plus a few you wouldn’t. For example, Jack Silver treated us to “Counting Stars,” a graceful piece performed on aerial silks. Dale Stones was the candyman who can and should. Dexter Dix uses the internet to enhance his experience. Ricky Lime brought cowboy fantasy to life in “Rode Hard, Put Away Wet” minus the chaps. One might assume that it isn’t a cowboy fantasy without chaps. Mr. Lime proves this assumption wrong.

The evening is hosted by master of ceremonies and keymaster of smut, Mehran Khaghani. A man with the gentle sensibilities of a landlocked hippo in toe shoes. He was vulgar, crude, long-winded. We positively ate up everything he said. Khaghani was our Queen Mama and we loved him.

If you’re anything like this lady-loving lady, you’ll be happy to know that men weren’t the only dancers of the evening. Peppered amongst the sexy man parts were presentations by sister troupe, Rogue Burlesque. Artist Fem Bones breathed smoke. Allix Mortis (#yesallwomen) took the stage for a feminist tribute. The duo Femme Brulee and Claude Kitten presented penis puppetry.

Lest timid straight boys be concerned that there isn’t anything for them, more than a few female audience members attended with their male companions. Khagani briefly interviewed one who said he appreciated the “pageantry” of the evening (that’s a new word for it). Whether you like cheesecake, beefcake, or a swimsuit competition, there’s something in Masculinitease for everyone.  What there isn’t? A dry seat in the house.

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