Dec 18

It’s Cat-tastic!: “Hannukats”

Photo by Mathieu Rene.

Presented by Puppet Showplace Theatre
By Talking Hands Theatre 
Performed by Anna Sobel

Dec. 9 – 17, 2023, 10:30am & 1pm
Puppet Showplace Theatre
32 Station St
Brookline, MA 02445

Runtime: 40 minutes, for all ages

Review by Kitty Drexel

BROOKLINE, Mass. — Talking Hands Theatre from Western Massachusetts performed Hanukkats at the Puppet Showplace Theatre from Dec. 9 – 17. Hanukkah was from sundown on Dec. 7. It ended on Dec. 15. Performances in Brookline ended on Dec. 17. One can look to the Talking Hands Theatre website for more puppetry updates. 

Hanukkats is a story for all ages that caters specifically to curious wee ones old enough to ask questions but young enough that they require some assistance to understand complex ideas such as metaphors and the significance of protests. Hanukkats follows the story of Ziva, the orange cat, as she learns how to play the dreidel. Continue reading

Dec 27

The ImprovBoston Holiday Spectacular

IB spectacular

Photo credit: Scott Istvan; About half of the cast: they have a lot of joy to cram down your pie hole.

Presented by ImprovBoston
Improv director: John Serpico
Writers: Jamie Loftus, Dave Grinstead, Andy Hughes, Allen McRae, Ramy Abdelghani, Scott Kremer, Steve Sarro
Original score by Steve Sarro
The Cast: Ryan Burrill, Dave Grinstead, Ashley Voltz, Alex Tennant, Dennis Hurley, Shiyan Bee, Amanda Sousa, Andy Short,Matt Fear, Ian Dyer, Lydia Jane Graeff, Danny Balel

Nov. 28 – Dec. 27, 2014
40 Prospect St
Cambridge, MA
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Review by Kitty Drexel

Trigger warning: Shock humor alluding to blood and feces, child abandonment, Regis Philbin

(Cambridge, MA) December is a magical time of year. It’s alive with childlike wonder, joy and deep-seated loathing for the holiday obligation to spend every waking moment with your family who all are either sick or getting over something in a tiny house and the promise of no social boundaries. Everyone needs an excuse to get out of the house to let off some steam, so why not head over to ImprovBoston to check out their Holiday Spectacular show this week to beat the desperation before it hits? While not exactly spectacular, it is very fun. Continue reading

Nov 28

The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) Review–SERIOUSLY!

Reed Martin, Austin Tichenor & Matt Rippy (L-R) Photo by Meghan Moore

The Ultimate Christmas Show by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor, Reduced Shakespeare CompanyMerrimack Repertory Theatre, 11/25/11-12/18/11,  Contains scatological humor and some Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor flesh.   

Reviewed by Becca Kidwell

(Lowell, MA)  They’re baaack!  Every so often, a rustle of popular culture floats through the air, gets put into the Reduced Shakespeare grinder and out comes some side-splitting fun.  At their east coast premiere of The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged), the Reduced Shakespeare Company exceeds expectations.  Blending holiday traditions from ancient times to modern, religious to secular, The Ultimate Christmas Show presents a jolly evening for anyone who can appreciate a little irreverence with sincere heart. Continue reading