Delicious Raunch Never for the Entire Family: SNOW WHITE AND THE 7 BOTTOMS

Photo claimed from the Gold Dust Orphans facebook page.

Presented by The Gold Dust Orphans
Written and Conceived by Ryan Landry
Directed by James P. Byrne

April 18th – May 18th, 2014
The Ramrod Center for the Performing Arts
MACHINE – 1254 Boylston Street, Boston.
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Review by Kitty Drexel

(Boston) Mr. Ryan Landry excels at writing fast-paced, raunchy pantos. His shows are regularly engorged with punchy, LGBTQ+ inclusive, sexy humor unsuitable for family-minded audiences. Snow White is no exception. This beauty based on the classic Disney movie is sure to leave your mouth dry and your seat wet.

The opening scene of Snow White and the 7 Bottoms channels Springtime for Hitler. The rest of the show steers along the same course. Happy German peasants sing and dance to a merry tune about uncircumcised sexiness in lederhosen. Theirs is a happy kingdom… except for the presence of an aging Evil Queen (played by Landry). The Queen is no longer the “fairest of them all,” as told by her Magic Mirror (Olive Another). Snow White (a saccharine sweet Jessica Barstis) threatens the Queen’s reign even as she seeks solace with the 7 Bottoms. Prince Charming (Paul Melendy) searches for his true love with his footman (Scott Martino) in tow. The 7 Bottoms want husbands and they aren’t too picky. Camilla the dog just wants a cuss-free work environment. Together, they find their soulmates and bring peace to Germany once more.

This production is hilarious. The cast has excellent comedic timing and sing well. Everyone appears to be having as much fun on the stage as the audience is off of it. It is a well-rounded, well-pounded show… With the exception of the two principal dancers who appear to be half in and half out of the performance. They danced exceedingly well but it looked as if their minds were in the Green Room rather than onstage.

Lastly, if the cast wasn’t speaking directly into a mic, they were hard to hear. We missed some lines because the sound booth wasn’t paying attention while intro or segue music was playing. It didn’t detract from the performance as the cast coped enthusiastically but it was a shame we couldn’t hear every puny line.

This production features strong language, adult content, and lewd puppets. The Grimm’s didn’t write fairytales for children. Mr. Landry doesn’t either. Please plan your attendance accordingly. And for Heaven’s sake: DON’T BRING YOUR CHILDREN.

Photo claimed from the Gold Dust Orphans facebook page. It was so fabulous that we had to use it!

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