Project: Project’s WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

This is our FIRST fundraiser for our FIRST production. A $500 pittance to assist with space rental and miscellaneous props that can’t be found in our closets.

Our current show, What are You Doing Here?, has been in the works since we first came together in November 2011. After one year of devising, improvising, writing and rewriting it is coming to fruition. Now we need your help to see it through! It’s part improvised, part scripted, and all site-specific at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA.

Who is Project: Project?

Project: Project is a troupe producing ensemble-created, original stories that combine scripted material with improvisation, in site-specific, non-traditional spaces. Preferring creating to interpreting, we explore and experiment with form, story telling, and the role of the audience.

WE KNOW BOSTON NEEDS THEATRE LIKE THIS! So we’re forging our own production, model, and theatre ensemble dedicated to this kind of creative process.

What We Need & What You Get


but like any production, we need some start up cash to get the ball rolling, and hopefully keep it rolling. Your contribution will assist with long term items such as:

  • A website to voice the existence of Project: Project
  • A means of props and costume storage
  • Validation in our existance as artists.

Your contribution will also assist with short term items such as:

  • Props and costumes we can’t find in our own closets.
  • Space rental

Donations will garner you gifts, experiences, and opportunities to directly contribute to the show such as:

  • Your Scout Badge in Fundraising
  • Children’s Book Blackout Poetry
  • The opportunity to create our roller derby character names for the show!
  • The opportunity to mould our monologues for the show!
  • A Dinner for you and a Friend made with secret recipies from Project: Project core members. (They will have dinner with you too!)

Look, we’re artists….

and we know that what the world needs now is more art. Our formation is a testament to that, and we hope that by working together we can create something bigger than ourselves. Your donation will allow us to go above and beyond by eliminating the red tape that restricts our exciting vision for a new way of making art in Boston.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute at this time, we hope you’ll tell someone who can.
… or see our show this November.
… or LIKE us on Facebook to stay in the loop!

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