Apr 24

Episode 2 Geeks, Nerds & Artists Benjamin Zander Part 1

Episode 2:  Benjamin Zander Part 1

(recorded live) Interview with conductor of the Boston Philharmonic.  Talks about Mahler 7th and how to get people more involved in the arts. http://benjaminzander.com/

Correction:  Mahler waited 6 months  to write the first movement, not 6 years.

Boston Philharmonic Concert, http://www.bostonphil.org/,


Thursday, April 26 @ 7:30pm
Discovery Series
Sanders Theatre

Saturday, April 28 @ 8pm
Pre-concert talk at 6:45pm
Jordan Hall

Sunday, April 29 @ 3pm
Pre-concert talk at 1:45pm
Sanders Theatre

Feb 12

Shouting and Spittle: MONSTER

Monster by Neal Bell, Boston Center for American Performance/Boston University Theatre, Lane Comley Studio 210, 2/9/12-2/25/12, http://www.bu.edu/cfa/bcap/monster.html.

Reviewed by Craig Idlebrook

(Boston, MA) A play rarely works when the actors have to emotionally sprint throughout all acts.  A cast needs to pick its moments to ratchet up the tension and raise the stakes, or risk numbing the audience with melodrama.  Unfortunately, the Boston University production Monster begins at a precipice of volume and angst and never can climb down to connect with theatregoers.  Instead of communion, the production comes closer to an assault.

Monster is an ambitious staging of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  At its best, the tale can be a window into the theme of the messy pain of creation and abandonment from God and/or our parents.  Continue reading