Apr 24

Episode 2 Geeks, Nerds & Artists Benjamin Zander Part 1

Episode 2:  Benjamin Zander Part 1

(recorded live) Interview with conductor of the Boston Philharmonic.  Talks about Mahler 7th and how to get people more involved in the arts. http://benjaminzander.com/

Correction:  Mahler waited 6 months  to write the first movement, not 6 years.

Boston Philharmonic Concert, http://www.bostonphil.org/,


Thursday, April 26 @ 7:30pm
Discovery Series
Sanders Theatre

Saturday, April 28 @ 8pm
Pre-concert talk at 6:45pm
Jordan Hall

Sunday, April 29 @ 3pm
Pre-concert talk at 1:45pm
Sanders Theatre

Jan 21

‘Full’ of Inspiration

R. Buckminster Fuller:  The History (and Mystery) of the Universe by DW Jacobs,  American Repertory Theater, 1/14/11-2/5/11. http://www.americanrepertorytheater.org/events/show/r-buckminster-fuller-history-and-mystery-universe.

R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE. Performed by Thomas Derrah. Photo: Marcus Stern.

Warning: contains profound thoughts

Reviewed by Becca Kidwell

When someone asks me what subjects I liked when I was in school, I always say “all except science, I HATE science.”  What I have learned over the past few years is that I have hated science because no one made it interesting for me.  R. Buckminster Fuller:  The History (and Mystery) of the Universe reminds me again that love of science and love of learning start with a person who engages, challenges, and pushes you to see the world in new ways.

The one-man show connects theories of science, philosophy, sociology, and sustainability to life.  Fuller comes to life in such a way that the audience feels that they are at a “real” lecture.  Thomas Derrah presents the same frenetic and contagious energy that was Bucky Fuller’s trademark.  He bounces and dances around as he explains his principles for improving “spaceship earth” and also questioning all of the norms that surround us.  Like Bucky, he uses any and all forms of media that are available to him to get his point across. Continue reading