Sep 20


Honoring National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month in Somerville
Portion of the proceeds to benefit the local anti-bullying work of Teen Empowerment
Directed by Jeanné Callinan

October 23-24 @ 7pm
The Somerville Theatre
Davis Square, Somerville, MA
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(Somerville) For first time director Jeannè Callinan, the hardest thing about her son being bullied was “the terrible feeling of being alone.” After members of her community rallied around her teenaged son and supported the family through their crisis, Callinan was compelled to let others know that they are not alone. On October 23rd and 24th at 7pm, Theatre@First presents The Bully Plays at the Somerville Theatre. Directed by Callinan as part of National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, The Bully Plays will donate a portion of its proceeds to benefit the local anti-bullying work of Teen Empowerment ( Callinan is not the only production member turning negative experiences into positive engagement. Jason Hair-Wynn, an ensemble member who experienced bullying as a teenager, credits his family, specifically his mother and various local LGBT groups such as BAGLY for helping him in the face of harsh, anti-gay bullying that escalated into physical violence. A survivor of a hate crime in high school, he moved on to run workshops on making schools safer for all students. The ten one-acts chosen from the anthology The Bully Plays focus on kids within the American school system to force us to confront bullying as it happens: to our faces, behind our backs, across our social media, through our phones, and into our heads. Methods to combat aggression are brought to light on stage,often from a younger perspective than one would typically find in local community theatre.

The Bully Plays

Since 2003, Theatre@First has drawn on community talents and resources to offer thought-provoking entertainment, and to address issues of local concern through the universal language of theatre. This multi-faceted production encourages people to talk about difficult situations and come up with their own
strategies, perhaps by connecting to resources or simply by speaking with sympathetic listeners. Youth
activists from Teen Empowerment and a therapist will be available to talk after performances. Students,
teachers and parents are especially encouraged to attend. Group discounts are available for parties of six
or more by emailing groups AT

The Plays:
Alex by José Casas
Blu by Gloria Bond Clunie
The Bully Pulpit by Dwayne Hartford
Bully There Be by Lisa Dillman
Bystander Blues by Trish Lindberg
Conundrum by Brett Neveu
Downhill by Eric Coble
Final Testimony of Henry Sampson by Y York
Nobody Nose by Barry Kornhauser
“Send” by Linda Daugherty