Paris in the Rain: Coeur de Pirate at Paradise Rock Club

WORLD MUSIC/CRASHarts and Crossroads
with Kandle

Thursday, June 6, 8pm,
Paradise Rock Club
, 18+
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Review by Kitty Drexel

(Boston) Coeur de Pirate vocalist, Béatrice Martin, has a lovely voice and charismatic stage presence. Her music sounds they way Paris in the rain feels; it is touched with lyric and pop influences. She was “under the weather” a.k.a. visibly ill yesterday evening. Therefore, giving her a review based on her performance would be unfair. What I saw was exemplary given the circumstances. You can decide on your own by listening to her CD (which I’ve been listening to on repeat all week) on Spotify, iTunes, or her website.

Her opening act was Kandle: a young, sullen Brigitte Bardot from Canada and her scruffy one-man-band, Jay. Their 60’s inspired music has pop and folk influences. While the vocals and instrumentals make for an entertaining listen, the lyrical themes are repetitive and depressing. Their set was a mixed bag of positive and negative elements.

Coeur de Pirate performed admirably despite her illness. Her piano skills are impressive and her voice flits like a sprite. The dedication she expressed to her fans last night is endearing. Thank you for the performance, Ms. Martin . We hope you feel better soon!

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