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by Becca Kidwell

The idea for Swiftly Tilting Theatre Project came out of my deep need and love of theatre, which I want to share with everyone.  I forgot when I started the kickstarter that this didn’t mean demanding more from those who have more or not giving to those who have less.

Everything good and right in my life has happened when I have been honest and true.  That doesn’t change because it is “business,” IF WE’RE GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN, WE’RE DOING THIS TOGETHER!

This is one of the first things we learn on Sesame Street and it should be one of the greatest lessons that we can learn:

One of the cornerstones of our mission is to provide theatre for everyone who wants it, regardless of income or status by having pay-what-you-can ticketing for every performance.  To stay true to this goal, starting at a $1 donation every person who donates will receive 1 ticket for 1 performance.

If someone pledges $50 or more, the donors will receive “perks” along with their tickets (this is not a detail of other rewards that come with the tickets).

DETAILS OF $50+ Tickets



$125-2 RESERVED seats for both productions

$175- 2 RESERVED seats for both productions, a MULTI-ACCESS PASS tickets for all performances (may see a show as many times as you want, two tix per show with general admission reservations)

$325-2 RESERVED seats for both productions, an UNLIMITED ACCESS PASS (may see both show as many times as you want, two tix per show with RESERVED seats),


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