A Boatload of Boobs: HARBURLESQUE

Photo credit: Queen Kitty

Onboard with Mina Murray, Scratch, Brigitte Bisoux, Stella Diamond; Photo credit: Queen Kitty.

Presented by the Boston Babydolls
Hosted by Mr. Scratch
Starring: Brigitte Bisoux, Mina Murray, Stella Diamond

Running now – Sept. 30, 2015
Rowe’s Wharf
Boston, MA
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Must be 21+

Review by Kitty Drexel

Trigger Warnings: sexy, adult nudity

(Boston Harbor, MA) A sunset cruise around the harbor is terribly romantic. It’s even better when you add burlesque. Harburlesque is a Boston boobcruise hosted by the Boston Babydolls. To specify, it’s a booze-cruise with the added benefit of boobs. Wonderful, perky, twirling lady-breasts. It is 21+ for obvious reasons (tits and ass). It’s a lovely, sexy time.

The evening begins with a lazy float around the harbor. Alcoholic beverages are served as the rhythmic hum of The Music City Queen lulls you into relaxation. On this particular evening, the Boston-skyline exploded into blues, pinks and oranges. Patrons are given the opportunity to mingle and grow accustomed to the gentle rocking of the ship before the performance. City Queen is an old-fashioned riverboat so there’s plenty to check out (and corners for making-out).

The audience is called down to the theatre-space by MC and pun-initiator Mr. Scratch. He introduced the fancy ladies, their acts, and gallantly stalled for time as necessary. Our dancers were: Brigitte Bisoux, Stella Diamond, and Ms. Mina Murray. The four (plus stage kitten Heather) gave us salty magic, vaudeville comedy, and, of course, burlesque dance.

These ladies are perfectly timed and elegantly arrayed. Notable performances of the evening include Mina Murray’s fluffy fan dance. Ms. Murray bobbed and swayed to the minty fresh vocals of Stella Diamond’s “Too Darn Hot. ” They make a fancy pair. As one undresses you with her voice, the other taunts you with her plumage. Brigitte Bisoux gives us all a reason to eat our vegetables with her “Spinach” number. You’ll find no better reason to stick yourself with something nutritious after seeing this steamy green number.

If you’re feeling the press of society’s rules of conduct and wish you could catcall (but don’t because it’s disrespectful and wrong), this is the place for you. Hooting, hollering and whistling are not only appreciated but wildly encouraged. These ladies are having a great time on stage. They want you to enjoy yourself too.

The cruise runs approximately 2 ½ hours. Boarding begins around 7:15. Departure is at 7:30PM. A cash bar with snacks and beverages is open. After the performance there’s a demure meet-n-greet at the bar with the cast. You can express your gratitude by purchasing them a drink.

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