A Gore-tastic Romp: EVIL DEAD, THE MUSICAL

Photo care of Arts After Hours Facebook Page; Ash gets all the hotties.

Arts After Hours
Book and Lyrics by George Reinblatt
Music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris, George Reinblatt
Music Supervision by Frank Cipolla
Additional Lyrics by Christopher Bond Additional Music by Rob Daleman
Directed by Corey Jackson
Music directed by Mario Cruz
Choreographed by Nicole Spirito

October 24, 2013- October 31, 2013 – Act NOW, most shows are sold out!
LynnArts Rantoul Black Box Theatre
25 Exchange Street
Lynn, Massachusetts
Arts After Hours on Facebook

Review By: Kate Lew Idlebrook

(Lynn) It ‘s Halloween. There’s lots to do, so why run to Lynn and spend the evening watching the Arts After Hours production of Evil Dead: the Musical? Because it’s bloody fun. That’s why.

And it doesn’t get much more Halloweeny than this.  It’s a spoof of your typical teenage horror flick, a story we all know well. Five college students go on spring break to a deserted cabin in the woods. They end up confronting an unspeakable evil that promises,  “It’ll be just like you were killed by some guy named Don”. Do you get it? They’ll be dead by dawn. Laughing? Then you’ll love the show.

The strong acting and expressive face of Dave Cary (Ash) set the tone for this production. In fact, the whole cast brings talent, including Gary Ryan who plays “bit part” Ed. The singing is strong as well. But perhaps the best part of this production is that the cast and director Corey Jackson don’t take the play or themselves too seriously. They aren’t afraid to have a fun at their own expense. At one point, the ghost of Professor Knowby (M.J.J. Cashman) who is using an industrial size flashlight to enhance his spookiness, bumps into the wall and has to use it to find his way off stage.

But this annual production is selling out, so grab your buds, a beer, and your poncho if you plan to sit in the splash zone seats, and run to Lynn. And don’t forget to check out the restaurants while you’re there.

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