New England Theatre Geek Wants to Play with You! (You Heard Me)

keep-calm-and-admiral-your-kittypants-75In an effort to serve the community Queen Geek, Kitty Drexel, is starting a creative coterie for Cambridge-area artists. Starting in September 2013, a monthly meeting will be held in order that artists may play with their respective art in a safe environment for the purpose of practice, performance and constructive critique. Artists of all stripes can email Kitty at blognetheatregeek at gmail dot com for more information.

Mission Statement:
Admiral Kittypants: Full, Frontal Artistry is a creative community experiment that gives performers the opportunity to play with their art in a safe space before performing it on the stage. If it’s in moderate taste* and you want feedback, we can provide a constructive audience.

Mark your calendars for September 2013.
The meeting will occur on a Sunday between 2:30PM and 5:30PM. Those interested in attending should email the Queen for an RSVP.

Piano/Accompanist Needed:
Admiral Kittypants is looking for an electric piano and/or an experienced accompanist to join Admiral Kittypants: Full, Frontal Artistry as an artist and critique cohort. We are looking for one, the other or (preferably) both. Interested parties should contact  blognetheatregeek at gmail dot com with summer/fall Sunday availability, and hourly rate.

Please put “Full, Frontal Piano” in the subject line. Leads are welcome and encouraged.

More information about “Admiral Kittypants” can be found on Facebook.

Logo/Mascot by the marvelous Kezi

Logo/Mascot by the marvelous Kezi

*Moderate Taste: Some, but not full, nudity; light cursing; no actual violence but stage combat and references to violence are ok; sexism, racism, and other -isms without warrant are strongly discouraged – potentially with a baseball bat.

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