From Denmark With Love: Closing Weekend!

Photo courtesy of Vaquero Playground and John J King’s sexy booty.

You Only Live Twice!

Today, May 28 2013, would have been Ian Fleming’s 105th birthday.  But he was a life long smoker; that shit’ll kill you.Unlike Fleming, Tomorrow Never Dies.  But come this weekend, DENMARK must close.  Give yourself a Quantum of Solace and come enjoy the show before it does!

Senior Mirth Manager John J King has vowed to do his curtain speech as an iconic Bond Girl for every show that sells out – see his gold-plated Tilly Masterson, from Goldfinger, above.  Who knows what this week will bring?!

Get the DENMARK Date Deal!
We recently did some simple math and figured out something pretty sweet:  For just $30 you can get yourself TWO tickets to the show ($10 each); TWO bottles of water and a bag of popcorn ($3 for the lot), and YOUR CHOICE of either a DENMARK CD or a CUSTOM FLASK.  Not a better deal in town!

So come see us before you close.  You Only Live Twice but DENMARK will only live this once.  And make sure to check out DenmART: 7 paintings by Boston artists, inspired by lines from the play!

Here’s what our audiences are saying:
“A totally fun night out. 
keep the kids at home! The gags and puns keep coming (just like the actors).”

Incredibly funny…Perfection!”
“sit back and let the puns wash over your body like the soft caress of a lover who’s about to rip your clothes off”

Now what are you waiting for?  GET THOSE TIX!
General Tix are all $10!
Student Tix
 are only $5
VP Mailing LIst members can use the discount code FELIX for $007 Tickets!

Can’t wait to see you here!
Love & Laughter

John J King
Senior Mirth Manager

Vaquero Playground
Boston, MA

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