Kicking Ass and Taking Names: Meeting “The Opera Guy”

The Opera Guy, Wesley Ray Thomas’ MySpace Page

This morning I had the pleasure to hear and meet Mr. Wesley Ray Thomas, The Opera Guy, at Alewife station. He was singing some lovely arias and it appeared he had been doing so since early in the morning. His commitment is exemplary.

He is a perfect example of seeking performance at every opportunity. He was at Alewife at 8:30AM on a FRIDAY singing the crap out of a Verdi aria. The aria was semi-staged, beautifully sung and, equally as important, this busker was making dough rise out of his pockets. Ladies and gentlemen, put this man in your shows.

Opera isn’t everybody’s thing. It doesn’t have to be to appreciate the fine art of performance and a dedication to craft.

Keep on rocking on, Mr. Thomas.

Wesley Thomas singing Jago’s Creed: “I believe in a Cruel God” from Verdi’s Opera “Otello” from Lowell House Opera’s 2009 production. Channing Wu conducts.

The Opera Guy busking on the Prado in Boston’s Historic North End. Sung in the original Baritone key.

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