Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon/Snowzilla 2013: Cabin Fever Edition

The New England Theatre Geek presents:

Terrific Moments in History


They will get you

They will get you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an historic event of terror so great that the public school system deems it unacceptable teaching material.

In 1932, Australia was overrun by a population of emus so horrifying that soldiers recently returned from World War I were employed to eradicate the emu nuisance. The resulting conflict was dubbed the Emu War. My friends, the humans had machine guns, recent war experience, and the language skills; the emus had tiny brains and natural instincts.  Using guerrilla tactics such as remaining out of firing range and clumping into small groups, the emus outsmarted the humans. The emus WON.

Let this be a lesson to us all.

They look cute now. Will they be so cute in guerrilla warfare?

They look cute now. Will they be so cute in guerrilla warfare?

This posting of a random act of history is brought to you by cabin fever, a dearth of performances to review (due to the weather), and gross amounts of caffeine. The New England Theatre Geek will resume posting performance reviews once New England area theaters have been dug out of their snowy catacombs.

At least it isn’t raining spiders.

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