Performance dates:  June 8, 15, 29 and July 6 at Club Oberon in Cambridge, MA

Part of why T: An MBTA Musical reaches such a wide audience is because anyone who has ridden the T, even once, know the craziness that is the MBTA.

To win tickets to this show (that will sell out again), tell us your strangest, most humorous, or horrific story by filling the comment form below (click on title or “read more” for the full post) by May 8th.  You must enter your full name and a valid email address to win.  Winner will be announced on May 10th.

The New England Theatre Geek staff will decide on which one they like best and that story will win a pair of tickets for the hilarious T:  AN MBTA MUSICAL at Club Oberon.

Members and relatives of The New England Theatre and the production team of T:  An MBTA Musical are not eligible to win.



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  1. One of my first weeks as a transplant to Boston I was headed home outbound on the B line. Somewhere between Harvard and Sutherland a BC student, overcome with libations, timed the stops perfectly so that he could projectile vomit from the opening doors just as the train stopped. He cleaned up, sat down, and hopefully survived the rest of his college career on the B line.

    Thanks for doing this Becca, we’re excited that you’re so excited!
    -Jeff (T: Director)
    Yes, I know I’m ineligible.

  2. The first time I ever took the T by myself, it was after 11 at night on a week day, and it was very quiet. When I got on the train, a woman began talking to me and engaging me in conversation. She was wearing a lot of colorful clothing, had some sort of a scarf in her hair, and was very friendly and sort of philosophical. But towards the end of my ride on the T, she started warning me that she hoped I had a safe ride. She was having visions of me not getting home okay, and started recalling really creepy details of what she saw in her mind. I almost ran off the train! To go from engaging with such a friendly person to thinking she might try to kill me or something – such a crazy ride!

  3. One night, On the Red line a guy came on the train in a superhero costume made completely out of duct tape. He would loudly babble about saving the “citizens” of Boston

  4. I was waiting for the 66 in Allston, heading to Harvard Sq. My stop was one of the last in upper Allston so the buses were often full when they got to me and the bus driver would just pass me by. One day I happened to be the only one at my stop and prepared to wait awhile when an “out of service” bus comes by and stops. The driver asks me if I want to get in. It was a female driver so it seemed safe enough. Once I was on the bus though, it became clear that she did not know how to get to harvard square and needed me for directions! We made it to Harvard Square, she let me off, and I told her how to get into the Harvard Station.