Like Raw Silk: Ana Moura in Concert

Presented by World Music/CRASHarts

Friday, Nov. 7, 2014
Berklee Performance Center
Boston, MA
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Review by Kitty Drexel

(Boston) Ana Moura has a voice that captures your attention. It sounds the way raw silk feels against the skin. You are helpless to do anything but listen. She has a majestic stage presence and a unique storytelling style. Her concert on Nov. 7 was nothing if it wasn’t captivating.

Moura and her faithful band visited the Berklee Performance Center last Friday night to an audience besotted with her music… And ripe with family who celebrated the talents of bandmate player Angelo Freire. Moura stocks her band with equally as talented musicians but Freire would draw fans on his own merit. He displays excellent musicianship and exquisite skill on the Portuguese guitar.

Moura and her band performed selections from her 2012 CD Desfado. She covers the Stones classic, “No Expectations” and Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You.” “No Expectations” is a delightful product from a collaboration with saxophonist Tim Ries who invited Moura to participate in the Rolling Stones Project. “A Case of You” is quickly becoming a standard for Moura who sings it with great passion.

Moura closes her eyes frequently during her concerts. This could be a deterrent for some concert-goers as many believe that they eyes are the ‘window to the soul’ and must remain open while a vocalist performs. Moura isn’t disconnecting her audience on purpose. Rather, it appears that perhaps she is shy. She and her band deliver an intimate performance for such a large space as the BPC. She isn’t disconnecting; she’s concentrating on her interpretation. You don’t need to see her eyes in order to appreciate Moura’s performance.

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