All Hail The New Queen Geek!


Contact: Katie Drexel

September 13, 2012

So that Becca Kidwell can pursue other creative pursuits, as of 9/13/12, is stepping down from her position as chief geek of The New England Theatre Geek blog.  Mrs. Kidwell will remain as a part-time staff writer and advisor as needed, but all managerial and administrative duties will be held by the new queen geek, Katie Drexel.  Katie Drexel (aka Kitty) has a bachelors of music from Boston Conservatory and a masters in music in vocal studies from the University of York.  If she isn’t auditioning, rehearsing, acting out or taking classes, Kitty Drexel has her bespectacled nose in a book or a score. She is an artist living with Brachial Plexus Palsy, a paralysis that affects her left arm. Mrs. Drexel’s free time is spent stalking errant kittens and writing reviews for the fabulous LGBT website,

The New England Theatre Geek Staff writers include:  Becca Kidwell, Gillian Daniels, Craig Idlebrook, Kate Longberg-Lew, John Herring, and Anthony Geehan.



We receive free tickets to professional theatre shows. Journalistically, we provide an unbiased review and are under no obligation to make positive statements. Sometimes shows do not make tickets available to reviewers. If these are shows our readers want to know about, we will purchase a ticket. (updated 6/27/12)

Some of our reviewers are active theatre people.  If they are involved with a certain show and/or a specific company we will not review that show and/or company-if it’s a long-time engagement.  We will, however, be happy to write previews, features, or post announcements about the shows. (6/28/12)



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