Who Won The Tickets To T: An MBTA Musical?

It seems like some experiences on the MBTA are so traumatic that people don’t want to talk about them.  However, three brave souls had the courage to share their experiences and one will reap the benefits.

…And the winner is…Katie!
Here’s her story:  “I was waiting for the 66 in Allston, heading to Harvard Sq. My stop was one of the last in upper Allston so the buses were often full when they got to me and the bus driver would just pass me by. One day I happened to be the only one at my stop and prepared to wait awhile when an “out of service” bus comes by and stops. The driver asks me if I want to get in. It was a female driver so it seemed safe enough. Once I was on the bus though, it became clear that she did not know how to get to harvard square and needed me for directions! We made it to Harvard Square, she let me off, and I told her how to get into the Harvard Station.”

Congratulations!  You will receive an email on how to claim your tickets.  Thank you Katie, Jamie, and Phil for submitting your crazy experiences!

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