You and I, The Cabaret SeriesCentral Square Theatre, 2/13/12,

by Becca Kidwell

As the members of The Cabaret Series prepare for their next show, they took a few minutes to share a few of their interests and passions with us.

Full Name:  Kami Rushell Smith

Favorite song(s) you sing in the Cabaret Series: “Suppertime” from As Thousands Cheer

Where were you born and raised? Tupelo, Mississippi

Who inspired you to pursue your dreams? My mom. She schlepped me around to many, many rehearsals.

What was your first musical experience? I saw Peter Pan at Ole Miss when I was five and I was absolutely mesmerized.

What was the first musical you ever saw? Well, after Peter Pan, I proceeded to con my parents into buying me the VHS of The Sound of Music. I memorized every word and choreographed all the dances.

What stars of stage or screen would you like to perform with in the future? I have an obsession with Audra McDonald. I sat on the front row when she did Raisin In the Sun on Broadway and she made her first entrance and was just walking around, and I just started sobbing. I was “that” girl.

What is the most played song on your IPod? “Sentimental Guy” – Ben Folds

What was the last good movie you saw? Friends with Benefits. Not an Oscar winner, but charming in its own way.

What was the last good play/musical you saw? Superior Donuts at Lyric Stage.

What is your favorite song to sing (not necessarily from the Cabaret Series)? “Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home”, another Audra favorite.

What was the show that earned you your equity card? Harriet Jacobs at Central Square Theater

What is your favorite liquid refreshment?  Wine, Diet Coke, and water. Probably in that order.

What is the worst job you ever had?  I did a production of “The Actors Nightmare” in the basement of a lesbian bar in Polish Hill in Pittsburgh where I basically sat in a garbage can for about an hour. This was quality entertainment.

Leading man role you wish you could play? Coalhouse in Ragtime

Leading woman role you wish you could play? Kate in Kiss Me Kate

Something you are incredibly proud of? The Cabaret Series

What is your “day job”? BosTix Advance Manager for ArtsBoston

What was your first performance? First Grade – I portrayed the role of the March Mouse in the school play

Who or what is your mortal enemy? Carbs

What is the sound you love? My mother’s voice

What profession would you not want to attempt? taxidermy


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