Our Reviewing Policy

Please note that our policies are subject to change.

The New England Theatre Geeks receive free tickets to professional, fringe, and community theatre productions. It is our intent to provide an unbiased review and we are under no obligation to make positive statements. Sometimes shows do not make tickets available to reviewers. If these are shows our readers want to know about, we will purchase a ticket. Sometimes a Geek will write a review for a production outside of New England. This is ticket is purchased and the review is written at the discretion of the reviewer. (updated 10/9/14)

Some of our reviewers are actively involved in New England-area theatre as cast, crew, and staff members. If a company wishes to have a review written for a production and a Geek is involved, the resulting review will not discuss any element that involves the participating Geek. For example: If Geek A is in the ensemble for Blerg: The Musical! (The Liz Lemon Story) then the reviewer, Geek B, cannot include a critique of the quality of the ensemble’s performance. In order to ensure as much objectivity and integrity of participating Geeks as possible, this principle applies to most aspects of a production.

If two or more Geeks are involved in the same production, that production will likely not be reviewed. Again, this to ensure objectivity and journalistic integrity. The Geeks will, however, be happy to write previews, features, or post announcements about these productions because marketing is fun. (10/9/14)