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T9-HFDg26YMRoVGQGADu5qlan12-7Cj5dO1ungjsv1gKITTY DREXEL, Queen Geek 
Twitter: netheatregeek

BM, Vocal Performance, Boston Conservatory (née The Boston Conservatory); MM, Vocal Studies, The University of York

Kitty is an artist living with brachial plexus palsy. If she isn’t auditioning, rehearsing, acting out or taking classes, Kitty Drexel has her bespectacled nose in a book or a score. Mrs. Drexel’s free time is spent stalking errant kittens and writing reviews for the fabulous LGBT website, EDGEBoston.com. She lives in Camber-ville with her lovely wife and their cat. Kitty is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association and the New England Theatre Conference.

BECCA KIDWELL, Founder, Staff Writer and Advisor Emerita




Photo: Charlie Mahoney for The Boston Globe.

with Neil Gaiman. Photo: Charlie Mahoney, The Boston Globe

GILLIAN DANIELS, Geek Staff Writer

B.A. English, College of Wooster

Gillian Daniels is a graduate of the College of Wooster and a longtime theater-goer. Besides musicals, her nerdy obsessions include comics, animation, and sci-fi/fantasy literature. She also likes coffee, tea, soy milk, and internet-ing.


CRAIG IDLEBROOK, Geek Staff Writer

BA, Spanish; BA, History, Earlham College

Craig Idlebrook has been a theater groupie all his life. Before his daughter’s birth, he was a community theater regular who sometimes starred in avant-garde student films that made no sense at the Maine Media Workshops. He also cleaned toilets for the Dorset Players in Vermont. A reporter and editor, Craig has written for more than 30 publications, including the Christian Science Monitor, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Funny Times.

KATE LONBERG-LEW, Geek Staff Writer

MFA, Creative Writing, Lesley University

Kate Lonberg-Lew is a Lesley MFA graduate and special education teacher by day, and an obsessed theater addict by night. Musicals, comedies, dramas, anything will do for a fix. If she could act or sing she’d be up on the stage, but since she has a sneaking suspicion that the audience would pay her to go home, she restricts herself to the audience.

Noe_GeekNOE KAMELAMELA, Geek Staff Writer

Noe is an avid reader who appreciates theatre. Noe can often be found chasing her cat, her wife or her sanity around the Boston area while writing reviews in her head.




DanielleDANIELLE ROSVALLY, Geek Staff Writer

BA, Shakespeare Studies, New York University; MA, English, Rutgers University; PhD, Theatre History, Tufts University

Danielle is a lifelong theatre person of diverse and sundry talents.  Mild-mannered university educator by day, Shakespearean wild-woman by night, Danielle moonlights as an actor, dramaturge, fight director, and blogger.  You can follow her academic adventures at http://www.daniprose.com


AA, English Writing/Rhetoric, Cape Cod Community College
BA, Writing, Literature & Publishing, Emerson College

Travis recently graduated from Emerson College and has absolutely no clue what he would like to do with his life, so please refrain from inquiring about his plans for the future. He hails from Cape Cod and can often be found obsessing over English songstress Jessie J, watching clips of Wicked on YouTube, eating pizza, or silently sitting in a corner judging you.

grayDividerBarOnWhite Our Mission:

The New England Theatre Geek is a pro-theatre, intellectually-bent theatre blog that features reviews and articles to excite and educate theatre audiences. We respect theatre professionals and amateurs and review with the intent of getting people interested in going to the theatre. We do write objectively and point out large flaws in productions for the benefit of the audience and the theatres. In this economy, audience members are looking for quality and value, and we want them to feel comfortable with expensive ticket purchases. In addition, we do not want one production to prevent a theatre from developing repeat business.

Please Note: Reviewers receive free tickets to performances in exchange for a review. We do not allow this exchange with Theater Companies to temper the tone of the review. The contents of a review are the opinions of the reviewer and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the New England Theatre Geek staff. For more information or concerns, please contact the Queen Geek at blognetheatregeek at gmail dot com.